A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Memory's not as good as it used to be. Press escape to skip story scenes. Click pictures to make things happen. Game may quit if you fail to keep your grip.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsFMV, glitch, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

If there isn't a download for your platform, you can download the ISO and run it in the DOS emulator of your choice.


night-trap-osx-universal.zip 538 MB
Version 2 Feb 06, 2017
night-trap-win-universal.zip 535 MB
Version 1 Feb 06, 2017
night-trap-iso.zip 533 MB
Version 1 Feb 05, 2017


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Okay, so I thought I'd try this out and I have to say I kind of enjoyed this experience. It's like Night Trap: Nightmare Mode. For those wondering, it is completable, in fact I found two ways to finish this game if you don't count the crashes. My tip to others is to save often, jump to different scenes if the footage begins to stutter, and don't try to trap ALL the augers, certain ones WILL crash the game. Following is a walk through, I repeated my steps twice to make sure they worked, at least they did on my copy. Spoilers. I'd suggest playing through yourself with trial and error to feel the most satisfaction. Maybe read the first few to get a feel for what this is like.


Augers in the Hall at 00:12 and in the Living room at 00:27, both of these trap as usual. Only press trap when the bar turns red, as per the original dos game. 

Avoid the Augers in the Bedroom at 00:36, they will crash your game.Trap the auger in the bathroom at 00:43, but not the second one, he will crash your game.

Jump to the Living room, for an invisible auger at 1:06 - trap him, but you wont get the animation for it.

Next auger in the kitchen will crash your game, same with the one in the entry way, in fact I found almost everything crashes your game except hiding in the hallway till 3:00 so do that.

Emerge into Hall 1 to catch the auger at 3:15, then all the usual augers work until 4:22, for reference these are: 03:26 Bedroom, 03:32 Living Room, 03:42 Hall 1, 03:47 Driveway, 04:11 Hall 2 and 04:22 Bathroom. The second auger here in the bathroom is untrappable, prompt just doesn't show up but he doesn't crash your game.

Then 4:55 and 5:04 living room augers work as usual, except occasionally while waiting between them I would get booted back to the start of the game? (Save often). Didn't happen all the time, and you can skip to another room in between to avoid it.

The next two augers (5:32 Bedroom and 5:36 Driveway) both crash your game, so jump straight to the entryway to pick up the first code at 5:40. If it stutters jump from one room to another and grab the code.

Jump to the driveway and wait till 7:00 to catch an auger at 7:05. If you try to trap the actual next auger in the living room at 5:53 he will crash you, as will the auger in the hall at 6:10 and the auger in hall 2 at 6:19. As an added oddity, the 7:05 auger appears early in the kitchen between 6-7 but if you try and catch him he will also crash your game. Catch him at 7:05 to be safe.

Now go to the bedroom and wait for the 7:27 aug, then driveway afterward for the 7:41. Following this you have two options:

Catch the auger at 7:51 to jam out to the credits *dances* and pat yourself on the back. You finished mstea's Night Trap. I'm assuming this might be the intended endpoint for this version. 

Otherwise jump to the living room and jam along to Megan singing the theme and skip around if it stutters. The next auger is in the bedroom at 8:02, catching him will turn the screen white and the auger will walk off, but it registers.

If you catch the 8:14 auger in hall 2 it will work but crash a second later, so instead watch the end of megan's performance and jump to Hall 1 to catch the 8:27 auger. Then jump to the bedroom to catch the 8:40 auger, and to the living room to catch the next code at 8:59.

Next auger is in the living room at 9:11, then the entryway for the 9:22. Don't jump to hall 2 for the next one, instead skip between the bedroom and bathroom to watch the girls do their thing and jump into the hall at 10:44 to catch the auger at 10:48. If you jump in before you will crash.

Jump to the driveway to catch the 10:54 augers, I only caught the first one, not sure if the second works but not catching him doesn't crash the game. Jump to hall 1 to catch the 11:31, but careful you might need to jump around if you're waiting for it coz the footage stutters. Safest to jump in right before and catch it, then jump to the living room to catch the 12:04 aug.

The next is the infamous aug attacking Lisa, but you cant jump into the bathroom to see the setup or the game will crash. Instead jump in right before the prompt at around 12:34 to catch him at 12:37 and it works fine. 

Finally catch the auger in Hall 1 at 13:15 and jump to whichever room you want for the ending at 13:26. ^_^ *hums theme song* Are we getting a number two? 

Since you've transformed this game into something new, might I suggest the name Trite Nap?

I fail to understand what is going on here... Looks like the Wikipedia page is an interesting read though. :)